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BioEnergy is won from the raw material biomass. Biomass is a stored solar energy in the form of energy crops, wood or rest materials as for example straw, bio garbage or liquid manure.

Among the renewable sources of energy BioEnergy is the Jacks of all trades: Electricity and local heat as well as fuels can be produced from solid, liquid and gaseous biomass.

Because biomass is available around the clock and applicable in a very flexibly way, it has an important role in energy supply based on renewable energies. BioEnergy offers an additional pivot leg to the agriculture the farmer becomes an energy landlord. The decentralized use of BioEnergy can strengthen thus the regional added value, close material circulations and use synergies on site.

Our customers at home and abroad are:

  • Forest enterprises, energy providers, associations and local authority districts who would like to use biomass for the production of electricity and local heat
  • Investor's groups for the realization of Biogas plants